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Issue #1 of Hintology (Autumn 2023)

4 min readApr 10, 2023


Snippet of a photograph by Q. submitted for Issue #1 of Hintology.

In preparation for its third anniversary, Hintology is finally reaching out of the digital sphere to produce its first printed magazine editions. We’d like to invite the abstract photography community as well as all the creative writers out there to contribute to this premiere. This edition will combine photography, prose and poetry to form an book with insights and inspiration from all around the world.

We hope this initiative will set a precedent for a long series of future magazine editions that will help further cement the beauty and necessity of abstract thought in the public consciousness — so please, do share far and wide with your fellow artists and writers! Ultimately, we aim to gather material that will allow us to adequately represent the field of photographic abstractionism and in all its depth and diversity at public events and art conventions across the world.

Snippet of a photograph by Dan Baumbach submitted for Issue #1 of Hintology.

Before you consider answering the call…

Please note that there is an application fee of 5 USD to process entries. These help us cover hosting and service fees as well as the time we dedicate reviewing received entries. However, all submitters are provided with a single-use coupon code that will discount this very amount on a pre-order of the magazine.

Given the limitation of our medium and depending on the number of submissions, we unfortunately won’t be able to include every entry we receive. Nonetheless, we will strive for our usual inclusiveness and eagerness to include a diversity of practices. Moreover, each artist may send a total of four different applications — one for each of the four types of submission: 1. individual pictures 2. grouped pictures 3. single pictures with related texts 4. texts only (prose, poetry and short stories).

Snippet of a photograph by Lina A. submitted for Issue #1 of Hintology.

Last few things to consider…

So as to better capture the essence of our artistic communities, we did not wish to impose any specific theme for this first edition. This means participants are invited to submit about just any topic of their preference. However, do keep in mind that Hintology is first and foremost a medium dedicated to portraying abstract photography, and that abstraction must be part of your work to some degree, whether visually or textually.

By abstraction, we mean any process that attempts to deconstruct “objective reality” in original ways and explores the limits of subjectivity. We view abstractionism as a gradient, meaning that we plan to include semi-abstract works as well as content that depict concrete, figurative elements, but from a creative perspective.

To be more specific about our criteria during our selection process, we will consider: aesthetic quality, storytelling ability, creative compositing, emotional impact, technical mastery, logical consistency as well as the potential for interconnectivity between received entries. Make sure to provide the work(s) you are most proud of, whether or not it has been published before.

Snippet of a photograph by Paul Rowland submitted for Issue #1 of Hintology.

We are looking forward seeing your entries. If you have any question about this upcoming issue or if you encounter any issue during the submission process, please contact us at

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…about Hintology

Hintology is an abstract photography magazine project created in August 2020 which strives to create a community where every artists are given a chance to broadcast their voice, the aspiring just as much as the established. We are a small team of volunteers who rely on the passion and contributions of their community to help spread the beauty and diversity of abstract photography. If you share our vision of inclusiveness and inquisitiveness, you can make a difference by tagging your work with #Hintology on Instagram, or by following our page and joining our group on Facebook. If you appreciate our curative work and the interviews we conduct, please do consider donating via this link.

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